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The ultimate guide to exploring Slovenia in just 2 days!

But I only have 2 days for Slovenia!   Nevermind – we can help you. If you’re looking for a picturesque European country to visit, look no further than Slovenia. This small country is teeming with incredible mountain scenery, beautiful lakes, and quaint villages. The Ingredients Here are five must-see places in Slovenia:   1. […]

Exciting Swiss Alps – Mount Eiger, Jungfrau and the Matterhorn

Tell me about the Swiss Alps? Switzerland has over 4000 peaks that reach above 2000 meters. The Swiss Alps are part of the European Alps range and form the westernmost extension of the great chain of the Central European Mountains. They stretch approximately 500 km (300 mi) along the border between Switzerland and Italy, Austria, […]

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What to do in Nice, France

Nice – a Jewel Of The French Riviera What comes to mind when you think of Nice? Is it the azure Mediterranean Sea, the charming streets and gorgeous architecture, the delicious food, beautiful Nice hotels, the vibrant nightlife, or the friendly locals? All of these factors and more make up what makes Nice such a […]

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Spanish hotels and resorts shortlisted for World Travel Awards

THIS year’s World Travel Awards – widely considered to be the ‘Oscars of Tourism’ – has extended its online voting until August 17, and several hotels, holiday complexes, attractions and entire cities have been nominated for the ‘Europe’s leading’ categories. Each list contains an average of five to 15 entries and, although Barcelona and Madrid […]

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8 Important Things Every Budget Traveler MUST Know

Whenever I tell people about budget traveling in the present time, when inflation raises its head every other day, they won’t take it under their kind consideration until I tell them the tips and tricks which make it possible. Not every person on earth is rolling with money and yet the wish to roam around […]

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