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Coronavirus Travel Updates – EU promises a summer holiday season

Coronavirus Travel Updates – EU promises a summer holiday season


coronavirus travel restrictions beginning to lift


Easing of coronavirus travel restrictions

With coronavirus travel restrictions slowly beginning to ease, the EU is promising a great summer holiday season ….which is great news!

Which countries are best as the world eases post coronavirus travel?

Greece, Germany, Austria and Switzerland announced in the past week that they will be gradually lifting their strict border restrictions, with the intention of free travel in their part of Europe from mid-June.


Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, of Austria is involved in a major push for countries that have similarly low infection rates to reopen their borders to travelers. The free movement between European countries has been a mainstay of the EU, until the coronavirus hit. Open borders is vital for traditional cultural ties and for reviving the ‘on life support’ tourism industry. All that remains is for people to regain their confidence to move around once more.

Vienna has been working on two step re-openings with Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany and other “neighboring eastern European countries.

Also in more encouraging news, Belgium‘s schools will reopen as the country moves toward the next phase of an easing of restrictions. A very good sign.
Emirates and other airlines have announced plans to reintroduce routes and extra flights to accommodate.

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